Have you ever read a great travel blog post that encapsulates the sights you are dying to see and foods you can’t wait to taste at a destination you have already booked for months away?

Have you ever tried to search for the same article a couple of days before your departure only to find out you forgot to bookmark it and could not remember the title or the name of the website?

And when you finally arrive at your destination, did you have trouble looking for the hidden café serving the most delicious pastries in town or the best spot to catch a sunset without being swamped by other tourists because other similar articles did not mention about these gems?

GPSmyCity Takes All Those Hassles Away!

GPSmyCity are the purveyors of self-guided city walks and travel articles for over 700 cities and counting worldwide. Harnessing the simple power of the GPS, GPSmyCity turns your smartphones into personal tour guides with carefully curated content that suits your fancy.

One smart way of sifting through the deluge of information online is through GPS-based travel articles. It’s simply a travel article reimagined on a map – all the activities, eateries and sights regaled by the author are turned into pins on the map complete with GPS coordinates and routes.


Convenience is the Name of the Game

Each travel article is an app downloadable for free! These articles can be read offline wherever you are so you need not worry about searching for the nearest Wi-Fi or contemplating on buying a local sim card. Everything is stored in the smartphone, helping you reduce the bulkiness of a guide book or the extensiveness of a physical map.

For a small fee, you can upgrade the app to a fully GPS-guided travel article where all the points of interests are laid out on an offline map. By linking it only to your phone’s GPS, the map will be able to tell your location and set a course to your desired location. All of this is done without the need to access the internet so you will be saving a lot on mobile data charges.

Give It a Try with My App Giveaway!

As a traveler myself, I find this GPS-guided travel article an expedient tool when planning out a trip and I’m happy to announce an app giveaway! From today, 31 October 2016 till 6 November 2016, users will be able to upgrade three of my travel article apps free which are:

5 Fabulous Hometown Foods in Taiping, Perak5 Fabulous Hometown Foods In Taiping, Perak

Singapore – My First Food Hunt
Singapore - My First Food Hunt

Kansas City, MO – Kool Kat of The Midwest
Kansas City, MO - Kool Kat of the Midwest


To access these GPS-guided travel articles, click on the link(s) you are interested in. You will be asked to download the GPSmyCity app (if you haven’t done so) and once the app is installed, you will be directed to the article and you can upgrade it to the full GPS-guided version.

So, next time when you’re equipped with a GPS-guided travel version, you’ll be able to catch the first batch of Pain au Chocolat from that café and scurry to a hidden cove away from the crowd to enjoy the sunset in peace.

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