I can feel myself grinning as I stood upon the castle-like entrance of Legoland Malaysia Resort.

Legoland Entrance

It has been three full years since my first visit to this theme park and the mere sight of the colorful archway brought back fun memories of gawking at miniature landmarks and whizzing in a roller coaster.

On this second visit of mine, I’ll be trying out the park’s newest attractions and partake in their holiday festivities. Legoland Malaysia are always at the top of their game (I’m looking at you, largest Lego Millennium Falcon in the galaxy) and this time around, they will be making sure everyone is in for a year-end treat!

Upgraded Kuala Lumpur Cluster in Miniland

Legoland’s Miniland is one my favorite sections of the theme park as it showcases famous landmarks from Asian countries recreated as miniatures using Lego bricks, from Malaysia’s very own Petronas Twin Towers to India’s Taj Mahal. I’m fond of the ever-changing nature of Miniland where new landmarks pop up from time to time so you will never feel you’re visiting the same old place again.

Putrajaya Cluster Miniland

Taj Mahal Miniland

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, is the main cluster of Miniland originally consisting of buildings such as Old Railway Station, Sultan Abdul Samad Building and Maybank Tower when it first debuted in September 2012. Fast forward to December 2016 and the KL Cluster has expanded by the addition of smaller yet iconic landmarks complementing the city’s prominent features.

KL Cluster Miniland

KL Cluster Miniland

Exactly 3,665,220 Lego bricks were used to add some bustle to one of the liveliest cities in Southeast Asia.

Visitors can now take a peek into the Bukit Bintang shopping district, the National Monument and Tabung Haji tower while famous neighborhoods such as Petaling Street and Central Market receive a face lift in the form of a “Green Dragon” gateway and “Wau Bulan” arch, respectively. KL’s multiculturalism is also well represented with the vibrant Sri Mahamariamman and Sam Kow Tong temples in the mix.

KL Cluster Miniland

 KL Cluster Miniland

Brick-Tacular Holidays Celebration

The holiday season is in full swing and Legoland is ready to usher in the festivities with plenty of activities. Throughout  December, visitors can snap selfies with Santa Clause and the Tin Soldier before catching Santa himself on the Sleigh Parade where his elven helpers give away holiday candies and treats. Meanwhile, the Festive Stage hosts Christmas Carl, a show that follows grumpy teacher Mr Carl who’s an absolute grinch!

Santa Sleigh Ride

Santa Selfie

I adore Legoland’s effort of setting up a Christmas Market with booths selling various festive items complete with lights and ornaments. The market is ingeniously set up around a water fountain to make it look similar to the Yuletide fairs in Europe. Nearby is the Snow Village where guests can play with special snow effects four time a day – a much welcome relief in perpetually hot and sunny Malaysia.

Snow Village

Christmas Market

The Snow Village’s centerpiece is the 9 meter-tall Christmas Tree made entirely of Duplo Blocks, the biggest Lego Christmas tree in Asia. The tree is lit up everyday at 7 p.m. and it coincides with the Brick-Tacular Advent Calender, featuring 31 windows – one for each day of the month. One lucky guest will get the chance to open a window daily to win amazing prizes from flight tickets for a family of four to Chiang Mai to various series of Lego boxes.

Advent Calender

Lego Duplo Christmas Tree

Lego Ninjago: The Ride

I have been on a few 3D indoor rides and although they were eye-popping, none could match the added dimension found in Lego Ninjago The Ride. This attraction recently opened in early November 2016 and is housed in its own Ninjago “temple.” Based on the line of toys and TV series, Ninjago puts us in the shoes of Master Wu’s disciples – Zane, Kai, Jay and Cole – to defeat the Great Devourer and his evil army.

Lego Ninjago The Ride

Master Wu

This ride stands out from the rest due to its ground-breaking hand gesture technology developed by the folks at Triotech, hence it being labeled “4D.” Players only need to use their bare hands to throw virtual projectiles at the enemy rather than using any handheld devices like in the typical arcade games. It’s like you’re in a real-life video game battling a horde of minions before matching up with the big boss.

Team Ninjago

How To Play

Even as an adult, this ride is insanely fun. The sensors are well-designed to capture your motion as you can throw your fireballs in four different directions quickly. I was totally immersed in the game as soon as the elemental effects of wind, smoke and heat kicked in, furiously knocking down the enemies without any respite. The ride about 3 minutes long but how I wished it could be longer.

Legoland has always been innovative in their approach and the continuous addition of new attractions and events cements it place as one of the top international theme parks in the region. If you ever plan to head down to Iskandar Puteri, Johor, you have been warned: Legoland Malaysia will make sure you’ll leave its ground with bags full of fun!

Many thanks to Tourism Malaysia for inviting me on this media familiarization trip and to Legoland Malaysia for hosting us. All opinions and thoughts are my own.